About Us

Welcome to our kitchen where we make Amish Sweets for everyone to enjoy!

 You are probably wondering where the name comes from? Fair enough, I grew up Amish, making Homemade Bread, Jams, Cookies and of course Fudge. Now today I specialize in making the creamy, delicious FUDGE with our very own “Amish -Recipe” just for you!! And I make it in our very own Domestic Licensed Kitchen. The Fudge that the we enjoyed, is now available to you!

“Once an Amish Cook, always an Amish cook!”

This is a very creamy and the most delicious Fudge you will ever taste!!
It is made with the best kind of ingredients, ya know, real butter 🙂 and everything else that gives this Fudge the most creamy texture and sweet taste with absolutely NO added preservatives. It’s just like the good ole-fashioned Fudge we made in our Amish kitchen as a kid.

Please enjoy the variety of things we have available.

  • Chocolate Fudge